Get to know the latest news and technologies on turbochargers

As a good motor enthusiast, we know that you like to be informed about the latest developments and technologies in turbos and engines, that is why we tell you the latest in terms of supercharged engines.

At the hands of our partner Garrett Motion together with the Mercedes-AMG brand, they recently introduced us to their new electrified turbocharger, capable of rotating at more than 150,000 revolutions per minute and promising to eliminate lag forever in their turbo engines.

The main advantage of this turbo is the ability to achieve the perfect blowing pressure for every occasion, regardless of the load and / or engine circumstance at all times.

This collaboration between Garnett and Mercedes-AMG has resulted in the creation of a 2.0 Turbo engine that will surely reach 440 hp of power, a true advance for the motor world.

Multiple turbochargers

Another great novelty in the sector is the combination of multiple compressors, as in the case of BMW, which has managed to perfect its first 3.0 Diesel engine, which combined 3 turbochargers, and has remarkably positioned itself by adding a quarter to achieve 400 hp of force. on their engines. BMW relies on this configuration to be able to face its most direct competitor.

Volvo joins the bandwagon of innovation, creating its new PowerPulse system for its more powerful Volvo S90 turbodiesel engines. This is based on a compressed air system with the aim of accelerating the exhaust turbine when high power demands are placed on it at low and medium revolutions.

The greatest advantage of this new system is the ability to significantly increase engine revolutions in tenths of a second, which was previously very difficult due to the low pressure of the gases expelled towards the exhaust turbine.

3D printed turbos

Finally, we find a great novelty from Koenigsegg, a manufacturer that tries to innovate in each design it presents. This is a 3D printed turbocharger model that combines the advantages of variable geometry type turbochargers, together with the advantages of Twin-Scroll models.

Printed in titanium of the highest quality, this design has an adjustable damper system, which allows to achieve the ideal pressure in its ducts and thus be able to deliver the necessary gas pressure to the exhaust turbines.

Where you can also find the latest in turbocharging is at Turbo3, the team of supercharger specialists for all types of engines.

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