Turbo Garrett in the age of Electromobility

Earlier this year 2021 Garrett has once again shown that he is making great strides. Last January the brand introduced a two-stage electric turbo, reducing the potential of the hydrogen fuel cell FCEV powertrains by 40% by injecting the fuel at higher pressures. Do you want to learn more about Garrett turbo in the age of Electromobility?

More and more awareness for a better lifestyle and ensuring the well-being of the planet is greater. Therefore, many manufacturers seek to electrify their car engines. Over the past decades, electrochemical batteries in electric vehicles have been invading the streets. Currently, a new generation of electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells is being born. Especially in the sector of vehicles with more tonnage such as trucks or coaches since it offers greater autonomy and less refueling time.

Gracias a sus constantes ganas de mejorar y su larga experiencia en el sector, la marca de turbos Garrett se ha posicionado como una de los grandes fabricantes de sistemas de inducción forzada para motores de combustión. Its innovative launch involves the combination of hydrogen and oxygen in a cell to create free electrons with just clean water. From here, some of these cells are agglomerated, thus making a battery that generates enough electricity to power a vehicle. Similarly, smaller fuel tanks can also be used and integrated into the chassis in order to increase and improve power density.

Likewise, since it is such a novel electric turbo, its size has considerably reduced which allows the battery to be used in different types of vehicles, reducing costs. Adding more novelties, the new turbo can operate at a power of up to 20 kW, supplying air to the fuel cell at a pressure of 4 bar and increasing the power output.

Beyond its power and exterior, its internal workings are highly admirable using the latest advances in technology such as aerodynamic bearings that increase turbo efficiency, dramatically reduce noise and eliminate the need for compressor oil.

Uno de los primeros vehículos en utilizar el turbo eléctrico de Garrett ha sido el Honda Clarity FCEV. Garrett sigue trabajando día a día para extender su gama de productos con el fin de avanzar en el ámbito de la ciberseguridad y de gestión del estado de los vehículos. That is why Turbo 3 is committed to working with the best experts in the sector and who better than a brand with more than sixty years of experience and so well positioned.

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