At Turbo3 we are specialists in turbos for bus engines, we repair and sell top-quality turbos for passenger vehicles, double-decker coaches, minibuses, buses, minibuses, city buses … we are official distributors of Turbos for coaches with brands such as Garrett turbos, Holset turbos, Schiwtzer turbos, Continental turbos, Borgwarner Turbos, and Borgwarner cooling systems, Mitsubishi Turbos, IHI turbos, PBS Turbo, Kendrion Turbos, turbotechnics and Turbolader, in addition to supplying Komatsu turbos and Toyota Turbos.

Tips to give your coach's turbo a long and trouble-free life

One thing you should not skimp on is the quality of the motor oil used, and to maintain the life of a turbocharger it is very important to change that oil regularly, your coach will thank you.

Coach turbochargers like clean fuel: Dirty fuel can produce dirty exhaust fumes passing through the exhaust compressor wheel, causing it to clog with soot, so I changed the fuel filters regularly.

It is also worth asking the question of fuel additives. Coach Turbos engineers recommend additives. However, one thing everyone will tell you is that, in daily operation, it is important to never stop a turbocharged engine at full power because this will damage it. Each time the engine is used, it should be idled for a couple of minutes to ‘turn down’ and cool down while oil is circulating before stopping. Turn off when hot and a ‘thermal dip’ may occur, which means the oil remaining in the bearings burns, causing soot that will block the oil galleries and lead to seized bearings.