At Turbo3 we are specialists in repairing marine turbos and new turbos for all types of marine vessels, we can diagnose and repair your turbo problems in your fleet. Turbo3’s highly experienced team can recondition a wide range of marine turbos, including privately owned vintage-style turbos, commercial vessels, yachts and motorboats. Turbocharger repair and machining is done in-house by a team of qualified technicians. As well as a wide range of new Turbos, consult our search engine.

At Turbo3 we are specialists in turbos for boat engines, we repair and sell top quality turbos, we are official distributors of Garrett Turbos, Holset Turbos, Schiwtzer Turbos, Continental Turbos, Borgwarner Turbos, and Borgwarner cooling systems, Mitsubishi Turbos, PBS Turbo, Kendrion Turbos, turbotechnics and Turbolader, in addition to supplying Komatsu Turbos and Toyota Turbos.

The process is simple, customers can either courier or take the faulty turbocharger to the Turbo3 workshop, our expert technicians will repair or recondition the marine turbocharger to improve its performance. Marine turbochargers are prone to corrosion as all components are particularly vulnerable to marine elements and their elements. Marine turbochargers are expensive to replace, so consider testing, repairing, or reconditioning your marine turbo to extend its life, reduce downtime, and help avoid the expense of a full turbo replacement.

Our experience in supplying Turbos for boats also includes the main operators of boats and fleets, cruises, naval clients, coastal platforms, power generation plants and locomotives.