At Turbo3 we also supply turbo testing machines from Turbo Technics. This brand is recognized worldwide for a range of Turbocharger Core Balancing Kits (VSR ™), and more recently has developed a range of Vane Flow Test (VTR) kits for calibrating the flow of variable geometry turbochargers. The latest addition to the current range includes the combined balancing and flow machine (VSFR), capable of carrying out both processes on a single machine. Turbo Technics also manufactures a turbo guidance platform to establish the angular position of the housings and to calibrate the debris gates. All machines are manufactured at UK headquarters and supported by UK technical support with assistance from the dealer network.

VSR 3 Turbo Technics

The VSR 3 is a Vibration Rating Rig (VSR ™) that has been designed for the smallest shop to measure and correct the vibration of commercial vehicle and passenger car turbocharger (CHRA) cores.

An entry-level machine, the VSR 3, is designed for great versatility and quick model change. The compact footprint, energy efficiency and simplicity of integration make the VSR 3 wheel balancer the perfect choice for the small workshop or low-volume specialist manufacturer.


VSR 400 Turbo Technics

The VSR 400 Series is a Vibration Classification Platform (VSR ™) designed for the OEM’s highest volume, lowest volume aftermarket customer and is available with a number of features to cater to high volume turbo production. The VSR 400 is suitable for light / medium commercial vehicle (CHRA) turbocharger cores.

Following the success of the VSR MK3 in 1999, customers demanded a machine capable of continuous operation. Turbo Technics responded to this demand with the introduction of the VSR 400 range in 2004.


VSR 500 Turbo Technics

The Turbo Technics VSR 500 (Vibration Classification Platform) series models are high speed core balancing machines for measuring and correcting the imbalance of larger turbocharger core assemblies, covering commercial vehicles and heavy industrial applications. The VSR 500 series is designed for great versatility and comprises a range of machines suitable for use from low volume repair jobs to medium volume production lines.

As the pressures and speeds of the turbocharger of larger commercial vehicles have increased, the high speed balance of the rotary assembly has become necessary to achieve reliability. This trend was recognized by Turbo Technics in the mid-2000s and led to the development of the VSR Mk5, which has become the current VSR 500 series.


VSR4 GEN2 Turbo Technics

Building on the success of the VSR400 series and over 35 years of industry experience, the latest in turbo balancing technology arrives, the VSR4 GEN2.

This recent addition to the world renowned VSR range offers process improvements and benefits to increase production and reduce costs.

The VSR4 GEN2 has been designed to cover a wide range of core sizes, from the smallest to the largest, and covers most passenger car and commercial vehicle applications. The patented drive and mount system allows great flexibility with outstanding air efficiency and low adapter costs.


VTR 100 Turbo Technics

The Turbo Technics VTR (Vane Flow Test Rig) machines are built at TT UK headquarters to allow measurement and adjustment of air mass flow through variable geometry turbochargers. The machine has been designed to include automatic compensation for atmospheric pressure and temperature, providing consistent results in different environments.

The VTR100 is a simplified version of the VTR200, suitable for all light commercial passenger car and touring car applications, and is built to meet the needs of the smallest workshop. It is designed to configure VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbocharger) mechanisms to the required gas flow using TT-generated software templates. In addition to the wide range of templates supplied by TT, customer operators can create their own templates.


VTR 200 Turbo Technics

The Turbo Technics VTR 200 (Vane Flow Test Rig) was developed as part of a remanufacturing program for variable geometry turbos specifically targeting OEM vehicle manufacturers. The same technology is now available in the aftermarket for higher volume customers.

The VTR200 is designed to verify the flow and actuator characteristics of variable geometry turbos and to conform to the original manufacturer specifications.

Remanufacturers and repairers can now have the confidence to rebuild turbos equipped with variable geometry mechanisms knowing that they can reset those mechanisms to OEM equivalent configurations. Importantly, machine operation closely follows the methods used by OEMs on their production lines, providing a reliable setup procedure for the remanufacturing industry.


VSFR Turbo Technics

The VSFR (Vibration Sorting & Flow Rig) is a concept developed by TT that combines the functionality of the TT VSR 3 and VTR 100 in one package, primarily designed for the smallest turbo repair shop.

The VSFR is a high speed core balancing machine, for measuring and correcting the imbalance of the turbocharger core assemblies, and a vane flow testing machine for measuring and adjusting the mass air flow through turbochargers of variable geometry. The combination of functions provides two machines in one, providing an economical package and smaller space to save space in a small workshop.




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