BorgWarner is today the leader in powertrain systems for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles.

At BorgWarner and with the unconditional support of Turbo3, we work to uncover trends and use smart science and technology to tackle a future based on different regulations, consumer demand, and automaker requirements, yet we get the best conclusions to develop the best Turbochargers

His strong experience in operations and marketing results in a high availability of competitive and efficient products that really drive change.

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Today, there are few challenges as important as creating solutions that support a cleaner, more energy-efficient world. This requires a commitment to constantly improve the transportation of people and things. At BorgWarner, they have made that commitment for decades and have since been creating technologies to improve efficiency, emissions and performance in all types of vehicles and their Turbos.

BorgWarner Technologies

Transforming vehicles to more efficient and cleaner technologies requires a collaborative partner who understands the evolution from mechanical to electrical systems. For this reason, the experience of BorgWarner in both systems is key for Turbo3, it provides the critical foundations of efficient and powerful propulsion. Integrating electronics into the mechanical system is key to performance, packaging, and cost. This is evident in a complete line of its combustion, hybrid and EV products for light vehicles, medium and heavy duty vehicles, as well as for off-road applications.

As a leading provider of innovative drive technologies, BorgWarner is a competent partner for the automotive industry worldwide. Focusing on clean and efficient propulsion solutions, the company offers a variety of turbocharging solutions for combustion and hybrid vehicles of all sizes. No matter what type of technology customers are looking for, BorgWarner offers the right solution for every application. At Turbo3 we are official BorgWarner distributors and here you will find the support and technology that your Turbocharger needs.

BorgWarner Combustion

BorgWarner offers a wide range of discharge turbochargers for diesel and gasoline applications. Las etapas de compresor y turbina de alta eficiencia permiten la mejor adaptación a las necesidades individuales del cliente.

Wastegate Diesel

The range of different Wastegate turbochargers for diesel engines ranges from the extremely compact B01 to K03 for light commercial vehicles and covers engines with displacements of approximately 0.8 to 3.0 liters. BorgWarner offers the most suitable turbocharger based on your requirements and available space.

VTG gasoline

With a robust VTG mechanism, the gasoline engine solution offers reliable operation even in the most difficult conditions. Additionally, BorgWarner’s VTG turbochargers are the key to meeting ambitious boost pressure requirements. In Miller gasoline engines, the technology provides good LET capacity and reduced fuel consumption with moderate specific power output.

Wastegate Gasoline

Complying with the highest quality standards, BorgWarner residual discharge turbochargers for gasoline applications are capable of handling the high thermal stress that occurs in gasoline engines. Offering a wide range of different versions, BorgWarner solutions can be used in engines with a cylinder capacity of 0.9 to 3.0 liters.

Multi-stage turbocharging systems

BorgWarner’s leading two-stage regulated turbocharger (R2S®) solution for passenger cars combines VTG or Wastegate turbochargers in a compact design. With small high-pressure and high-pressure turbochargers, the solution improves boost pressure throughout the engine’s operating range.

VTG Diesel

Controlled by pneumatic or electric actuators, BorgWarner’s durable and reliable VTG turbochargers offer high degrees of efficiency for applications with a displacement of between 1.4 and 3.0 liters.


With its wide spectrum of different sizes and types of our proven and reliable Wastegate turbochargers, we improve performance for applications with a wide range of demands, including commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, as well as industrial and marine engines.


As the world leader in clean and efficient technology products, BorgWarner drives innovation by electrifying its drive technologies. Equipped with high-performance electric motors, the company’s state-of-the-art solutions developed for 12V, 48V, and high-voltage vehicles offer fast torque for a fun driving experience, while allowing for increased fuel efficiency and reduced fuel economy. emissions. Some of the systems are also capable of recovering energy for additional efficiency benefits.

EBooster® Electronic Drive Compressor

The BorgWarner eBooster® Electric Drive Compressor complements conventional turbocharging systems. Located upstream or downstream of the regular turbocharger, the eBooster solution improves boost pressure and transient response of the engine at low engine speeds. In doing so, the technology virtually eliminates turbo lag.

eTurbo TM

As a unique machine solution for electrified drive, assist, and recovery, BorgWarner eTurboTM is capable of converting exhaust energy into electrical energy. Additionally, the solution offers increased torque at low engine speeds and improves torque time.

eTurbo TM

Equipped with an ultra high-speed electric motor, BorgWarner’s next milestone in drive technologies, the eTurboTM electrically assisted turbocharger can improve performance by adding torque to the turbine shaft or generating electrical power from the flow of exhaust gases. escape.


Although modern turbocharged combustion engines are remarkably efficient, useful energy can still be found in the exhaust gas flow. Located downstream of the after-treatment system, the BorgWarner eTurbocompound turbine-driven, water-cooled generator uses the remaining waste heat to generate electrical power.

EBooster® Electronic Drive Compressor

The BorgWarner commercial vehicle water-cooled eBooster® electronic compressor provides engine boost pressure when the turbocharger turbine cannot. With a maximum speed of 100,000 rpm, the eBooster offers a continuous power of 10kW and reaches a peak of 23 kW.

Rankine Organic Cycle Turbines / Pump Expanders

To make use of wasted fuel energy as heat during the combustion process, BorgWarner developed the Rankine Organic Cycle (ORC) residual heat recovery system. Combining multiple technologies such as a heat exchanger into one optimized global package, the ORC generates electrical power while recovering approximately 50 percent of the energy wasted as heat.



$ 10.2 billion (consolidated)


~ 29,000 worldwide (February 13, 2020)


67 in 19 countries (February 13, 2020)


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