Curiosities about electric vehicles

The day of the environment is approaching and to celebrate it we bring you the curiosities about electric vehicles and the reasons that support the benefits of this type of vehicle.

Electric cars do not have an exhaust pipe so they cannot generate emissions, which reduces air pollution and benefits the environment and people’s health.

Another positive factor is its recycling. The batteries that power electric cars, as well as hybrids, are made of lithium-ion, weigh less and have greater autonomy, and can be recycled.

The experience of driving an electric also makes a difference. From the driver’s seat almost no mechanical sound is perceived, and if something enhances its qualities are its smooth driving, instant acceleration and the fact that it has no gears.

The absence of traditional mechanical components (neither clutch, nor filters, nor timing belts…) allows a reduction in breakdowns, and, therefore, savings in the form of maintenance costs.

Although the charging points are one of the great arguments of its detractors, Spain currently has 7,607 public charging points for electric cars. Even so, it must continue to grow since without a good expansion of these, the development of this new sector is difficult.

Changes in environmental regulations

In recent years, cities have stood firm to reduce emissions. In high pollution episodes, electric cars can circulate without restrictions. The environmental hallmark of these vehicles is the zero emission blue 0 label. This category includes battery electric cars, extended range and fuel cells; plug-in hybrids and hydrogen-burning vehicles.

Our commitment

From Turbo3 we want to inform you that we are specialists in turbochargers for this type of vehicle. Electric turbochargers, unlike conventional turbochargers with turbines, have the advantage of being able to regulate the charge air pressure independently of the available exhaust energy. This helps to improve performance and can increase engine efficiency.


The electric turbo is used to eliminate lag and to support a normal turbo at low engine speeds, in which a conventional turbo is not very efficient. It is achieved by adding an electric motor that rotates the turbocharger from start-up and through low revs, until the power of the volume of exhaust gases is sufficient to power the turbo. This design makes lag a thing of the past and significantly increases the RPM range at which the turbo works efficiently. So far, it seems that electric turbos are the answer to all the negative characteristics of conventional turbos.


If you are thinking of buying an electric car… You already know where to find your turbo!

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