BorgWarner launches an electric turbo on a hybrid car by 2023

Hybrid technology evolves progressively and without a doubt, today it is the new trend for generations and large turbos companies. BorgWarner has not wanted to deviate from this trend and already has a launch for 2023 that will begin to occur in the month of September of the same year.

Until today, the brand has been strongly a leader in the sector for its conventional turbos to the manufacturer of the car in question. This time, he wanted to go further and mount an electric turbocharger on a hybrid model.

The brand’s new proposal is the “BorgWarner eTurbo” electric turbo, which reduces response lag (turbo lag) by 50%, improving transient response by 200% faster. In addition, it will also reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions.

Firstly, BorgWarner has collaborated with “one of the leading European car manufacturers” to integrate its innovation into a “high voltage” hybrid car with a 400 Volt battery.

What will be the main distinctive novelties?

  1. Increase engine performance and efficiency.
  2. Reduce gas emissions.
  3. Minimize the presence of turbo lag, the time that elapses between when you step on the accelerator and the turbo takes presence.
  4. Specially designed for Miller cycle engines.
  5. It will be able to act as an electricity generator transforming the excess energy from the exhaust into electrical energy to charge the battery.
  6. The power electronics may be partially or completely integrated in the turbo, according to the requirements of each one.

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